The energy of five musicians jamming, three guitars, a harmonica and drums is quite different from two musicians playing together while sitting in chairs.

Todd Wolfe, Ray, Tom, Rob Fraser and Barry at the Blues Jam

One is not better than the other, just different.  I find my brush dipping into pure colors, often complimentary colors when I feel the energy pulsing through my body, the rhythm and beat piercing my skin and waking up my sleeping, tired cells.

Carmine singing and playing guitar with Jimmy Somma

When the blues are more subdued the colors merge and mingle and evoke more of a subdued, emotional state of mind where thoughts wander in and out of my life’s experiences dusting off older memories and refreshing newer ones.

The first painting started with a line sketch in fountain pen followed by watercolor washes.  The second painting started with a quick pencil sketch followed by water color washes mixing wet into wet.