To explore all the directions of painting that I want to explore will take me fifty more years, at least.  I don’t have that much time!  Something must happen soon to allow me more painting time each and every day!

Michael Vergalla playing banjo at the Corinth Bluegrass Festival in the late 1970's

While searching for another file, I found this image of a portrait I painted a couple of years ago of the kids’ dad.  I love painting portraits, especially in watercolor.  It is quite satisfying when I can capture the body language and character of a person I know well.

Time is so crunched lately.  I’m losing sleep stressing over the fact that my time to paint is getting chiseled away.  I keep telling myself that I can turn everything around and reconstruct my life so that I am, once again, painting everyday, teaching workshops and traveling.  I do believe I can, though I haven’t figured out yet how.

I began with a quick pencil sketch followed by watercolor painted wet in wet, carefully watching edges so as not to lose the sharpness of the profile.