I am so distracted by my father’s health situation that I feel a bit like a zombie when I do my morning sketch.

Tom's hat hanging on the wash stand. Watercolor

A bit of invented color in the wallpaper added a bit of life to this sketch.  What became very apparent to me as I lay in the washes was the importance of creating a pattern of lights and darks that work to move my eyes through and around the painting.  I repainted the shadow of the dresser about six times in order to find a value that worked to tie the dresser to the hat without killing the color.  I don’t really care that the shadow of the wash stand post is not at all the same as the shadow of the dresser.  I like the way the purple/blue works with the orange in the upper right corner.  Right now, when anything works, I experience a moment of calm.  That is very important during these challenging times of finding a safe and pleasant living solution for my dad who is suffering from rapid loss of memory.

I began with a quick contour drawing using a fountain pen with brown ink.  I then moved to my studio and applied watercolor washes.