The shoes are black, not blue, but who cares?  You wouldn’t have known if I hadn’t told you.

Well-worn, well-loved, witchy shoes. Watercolor Sketch

Well-worn, well-loved, witchy shoes. Watercolor Sketch

If I found a pair of blue shoes like this I would buy them in an instant.

It’s easier to part with old, favorite, well-loved shoes after drawing or painting them into a sketchbook.  A flat piece of paper doesn’t collect dust and takes up far less room than a pair of old shoes.  I was so attached to a pair of black, leather shoes that I bought while living in Germany (1969), that I saved a small, round buckle from one of them for over twenty years.  That’s embarrassing to admit.  I wish I had drawn or painted them … a lost opportunity.

There is a little bit of subtle, double complementary color scheme going on in this watercolor sketch.  The most obvious is the blue shoes and the orange tint to the baseboard heating and floor.  The table has a slight pink tint to complement the green wallpaper stripes.  Once again, the pattern of light and dark values is of primary importance.  I can play around with the color when the value patterns are working to control the path my eyes follow.

I began with a quick and rather inaccurate contour drawing with my fountain pen and followed with watercolor washes.