Seattle is, I believe, my favorite city.

Waiting to board Alaskan Airlines Flight 7 for Seattle, WA.

My five day visit went far too quickly.  The last day of my visit, Louise, Alexis and I squeezed a bit of painting between breakfast and driving to the airport.  Louise  asked about my little enamel palette.  It is ideal for traveling, slipping easily into a small zip lock bag when the paints are still wet.  It is difficult to find unless you do a search with just the right combination of words. On the Ken Bromley Art Supplies site you must search for “lightweight metal tin watercolour boxes”.

Lightweight Metal Tin Watercolour Box

My little palette is the smallest, version “A”.  I’m having trouble putting a link into my text.  Some days it works and some days it doesn’t.

Between Breakfast and the Airport

Wet into wet works nicely for pottery and flowers.  The play of color as the pigments mix on their own contribute well to the illusion of light and dimension.

First image is drawn with a fountain pen.  The last image is drawn first as a contour drawing with a fountain pen, then painted with watercolor.