Knowing it would take six hours from Newark to Seattle, I packed my ipod and Bose Headphones for the flight.

Pencil Meditation, Newark to Seattle

In my own world of music, with the drone of the engines as background, it was easy to slip into a state of meditative drawing.  The first pencil sketch progressed along a similar path to the journal orb series I drew several years ago.  It then veered off in another direction reminiscent of Salvador Dali.

Wing of the Boeing 737-800

On the return trip I was treated to a view of mountain peaks poking through a layer of clouds as we flew from late afternoon light toward sunsets and darkness.  The cloud cover opened to reveal snow-covered crop circles before the light of day was left behind in the west.

Snow-covered Crop Circles

As we flew into darkness and I switched on my overhead light I returned to pencil squiggle meditations.

Pencil Squiggle Abstraction