There was a time (it seems so very long ago) that I painted every day for at least 5 hours a day.  Now I am lucky to paint for fifteen minutes a day.  I am grateful for those fifteen minutes.

Loose wires and an outlet over the microwave

I work during the day renting theatrical props in Flemington, about 40 minutes from my home.  I arrive home at about 7 pm.  I should count myself fortunate that a hot dinner is waiting for me upon my arrival.  However, when Tom is away on a business trip, my evening is my own.  Tonight I poured myself a glass of wine, cut up sweet potatoes, turnips and carrots, drizzled them with olive oil and ginger and popped them into the oven to roast.  Leftover ravioli reheated in the microwave acted as dinner.  Theo’s chocolate worked well as dessert.  Veggies for tomorrow are roasting as I eat and paint, standing at the chopping block table in the kitchen.

Painting during dinner

I’m often asked how I manage to paint every day.  It’s not always easy.

I go to sleep dreaming of the future, near I hope, when I can once again spend all my days teaching workshops and painting.