There were several times when I easily could have trashed this squiggle drawing….. and learned nothing.

Corner of bedroom, fountain pen squiggle drawing

The first opportunity was when I realized that I didn’t like the wavy lines that I had drawn as an experiment in wavy perspective, inspired by the work I’ve seen recently on Bobbi Heath’s Almost Daily blog.  I was drawing with my Cross fountain pen filled with walnut ink.  The pen ran dry, or so I thought.  When checking the ink level, the ink splatted all over the facing page.  Rather than continue with that pen, I filled another pen with walnut ink without first cleaning it with water.  (It was 6 am in the morning and I was drawing in bed and being lazy.)  The Pelikan fountain pen still had a bit of black ink in it that darkened the walnut ink.  The fresh ink was not running smoothly through the nib (of course).  I did a gentle shake down to now avail.  I did a bit stronger of a shake down and, viola, blops of ink on my drawing.  I had squiggled so much already that I had to see where it might lead, so I continued.  The value choices I had thought would work, often didn’t.  There were some surprises along the way.  The end result?  Not great, but I have a smile on my face from having started my day learning a few new things that I can carry over to another drawing.