As I watch my dad’s memory slipping away I treasure capturing the memories of my surroundings in my sketchbooks in a way I had not appreciated before.

the Watering Pig among Knives, cans and glassware

In the upper left corner is a can of coconut milk used in my latest, favorite spicy pumpkin soup recipe.  It sits upon a beautiful full-bodied glass jar that held a medley of Italian olives I thought I would like, and didn’t, but the jar is great.  I store granola or nuts in it.  The Watering Pig is a purchase Nicole and I made during one of our trips to the IKEA store in Philadelphia, meant for watering the Nispero trees Nicole started from the pits of the fruit.  The pig sits beside our three blocks of kitchen knives and steak knives and a wine glass drying on a towel I didn’t draw.

The painting began with a fountain pen ink contour drawing followed by watercolor washes.  The wash of the wall was not a dark enough value the first time around.  The shape of the pig was lost because the value of the pig and the value of the wall were too close.  A second wash on the wall defined the shapes of the objects without losing strong color and transparency.