Perhaps this doesn’t qualify…. but then again, maybe it does.

Reflections on the trunk of an Imperial

I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by Carol Marine’s Daily painting blog for a long time.  She has recently posted a weekly challenge that involves posting the paintings of other artists who are working from the same weekly reference photo.  Though I don’t like working from photos, I love the idea of seeing a variety of interpretations.  Granted, so far, all of the posted paintings show most of the Imperial auto as seen in the reference image.  Though I love old cars, I was only inspired by the reflection of the building as the curve of enameled metal bent the rigid lines of the buildings into beautiful, irregular, curving shapes.

The other contributions, so far, have been oil or perhaps acrylic paintings.  With my time restrictions, I will contribute ink contour drawings with watercolor washes from my sketchbook.

Take a peak at the submissions of the Daily Paintworks DPW Challenge.

I am having trouble submitting my painting, so you won’t see it posted yet.  I’ll let you know what the snag is as soon as I hear back from Carol.