Rick Daddario recently posted a photograph of a fallen birdnest.

The Fallen Birdnest

I couldn’t help but try to translate it into squiggles.  Along the way it morphed into an illusion of a galaxy and my vision continued to flip back and forth between the two.  As a result it is neither a birdnest nor a galaxy.  I might try it again.

I watch my father as he loses his memory as well as his ability to perform simple tasks.  What he is not losing is his ability to play games and to dance.  Those activities are so much a part of his daily life that they are not leaving him.  My hope is that drawing and painting is so much a part of my daily life that I will still be able to draw and paint long after I have forgotten what I ate for breakfast, or that I even ate breakfast.

Squiggle drawing done with my fine tip Waterman Fountain Pen.