Inspired by the Carol Marine’s ten minute challenge I tried it again with my Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Three Twenty Minute Studies

The timer went off at ten minutes.  I spent another five to ten minutes on each of the 5″ x 5″ studies.

With far more to learn about painting metallic wrap over chocolate spheres I started another, larger (9″x 9″) painting.  My plan was to spend no more than three hours on the painting.  Hah!  Those little gold twists on the ends drove me crazy.

Four Stages of 9" x 9" oil on board

First I sketched in the chocolate using a thin wash of yellow ochre.  Next, I blocked in both candies and the wrapper tails.  The bottom right image shows the progress at the three-hour mark.  I like the simplicity of the tails and the wraps around the balls.

Completed painting of Godiva Chocolate Gems

My goal was to maintain the simplicity while creating a greater illusion of form and a strong sense of light striking the candy.  Simplicity is never easy.