I’m looking forward to painting at the Blues Jam tomorrow evening.  It has been a difficult week.

Todd Wolfe, Roger Voss and Rob Fraser, Feb.8.2011

I looked again at a painting I did a couple of weeks ago.  Though the shapes in the center of the painting are rather odd and non-descriptive they work well to move my eye back to the drummer, Roger Voss.  When I am painting these little ink and watercolor sketches I’m not thinking about why I am doing anything that I do, I’m simply responding to the energy of the musicians and their bodies as they move back and forth on stage.  The next morning, when I view the collection of paintings done the night before, I often find interesting elements within them such as the center section of this one.

There are a couple of things going on that make it work.  The shape of Rob’s guitar in the foreground is the largest, the colors a bit neutralized, conveying an object turned slightly away from the light and allowing my eye to be attracted to the smaller, brighter shapes behind the guitar. These are Roger’s drums.  It appears that the light is hitting the drums more directly.  I’m not sure what the small green shape is but I love the way it is slightly yellow toward the drums and turns to a blue green as it leads my eye all the way back to Roger.  The shapes zig-zag back to Roger while the figures of Todd and Rob keep my eyes from straying left or right.

I find the green surprisingly refreshing, perhaps because there is not too much of it.