To prepare for my upcoming solo show in April/May at Connexions Gallery in Easton, PA, I sorted through piles of older paintings to make room for matting and framing the new work.

"Rhapsody", watercolor

My other task was to choose several paintings to drop off this afternoon for the Connexions Spring Group Show.

When paintings have been out of sight for months or even years, it is quite simple to sort them into two piles, those to save and those to discard.  I filled two huge bags with those to discard.  I still have thirty more to take out of frames before discarding, leaving me the frames to use for the next round of new paintings.

What a joy it is to discover gems that still delight me, those paintings that keep me looking into them and discovering new beauty, exciting lines and interesting shapes.  Those are the paintings I keep, the ones that make me smile and I don’t care whether I understand or not.  From that much smaller pile I chose five paintings to bring to the gallery today.  “Rhapsody” is one of them.

The face evolved from layers of thrown watercolor paint.  As soon as the figure suggested itself I switched to a brush to define the form and features of the young woman’s face.  The strength is in the bold, abstract shapes utilizing the full range of values light to dark.  The color scheme is analogous with one neutralized complement.