When designing for needlepoint the ability to execute the design must be taken into consideration.  I kept that issue on the back burner instead of the front burner.

First Color Sketch of Jean Jacket Design

My mind was on embroidery, not needlepoint.  As a result, I created edges and shapes that are not conducive to successful needlepoint design.  To remedy this, I simplified some of the shapes and added more flowers in place of the blades of grass that I had originally incorporated.  the butterflies will have to be simplified even more than shown above.  The value changes and shapes of the flowers against the sky will have to be worked out carefully, avoiding curves as much as possible.  The colors of the flowers will be adjusted.  After laying down the first wash in watercolor I went into the sketch with gouache as I started making adjustments.  The gouache dries lighter in some cases and darker in others making value judgments difficult, but not impossible.  This first color sketch illuminated the problems that need to be solved.  By the end of the weekend I hope to have the design worked out and completed for approval.  I wish it were to be embroidered instead.  I could leave in the beautiful edges of the butterfly wings and the intricate negative shapes between the flowers and stems.

The lower right corner needs to be redesigned.