I will be posting three of my Daffodil paintings for auction on the Daily Paintworks Site to be sold, helping to raise funds for the people of Japan.

Daffodil Bloom, Oil on Canvas Panel

This is the first of the three paintings.  The profit from the sale of this 5″ x 5″ oil painting will be donated to the Japanese “Aid for Bed” – directly helping by providing shelter for the displaced.

A garden has always been a part of my home, wherever that home has been.  Daffodils grew in my mother’s gardens and they have always grown in mine, a reminder of new beginnings.  This is one of a series of three paintings that I will be posting on the Daily Paintworks site to help the people of Japan.  All three paintings were painted en plein air last spring in early April.

Link to the Daily Paintworks Fund-Raising for Japan page.