I’m a week late submitting this painting for last week’s Daily Paintworks Challenge.  Tax prep and life in general kept getting in the way.

Sugar Bowl that was a Tea Pot

The challenge is to paint a white object on a patterned cloth using only primary and secondary colors plus white (red, yellow, blue, orange, green purple).  The spout of the tea pot was giving me a great deal of trouble.  Finally, I decided to eliminate it and, along with the spout, I eliminated the handle, turning it into a sugar bowl.

To my surprise, photographing the painting was almost as challenging as painting it.  The colors were totally off regardless of what lighting I used.  The digital camera would not read the yellows in the painting.  The best result came from taking the painting onto the front porch this morning.  It is cloudy and…… of course …… snowing again in spite of the 70 degree weather on Friday.

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Thank you for viewing my work and reading my blog.

Painting:  5″ x 5″ oil on wood panel.

Link to Etsy store for purchase.