After Baer fell asleep I curled up on the couch beside the wood stove with my sketchbook, fountain pen and watercolors.

Date Night at Spillane's, watercolor and ink

Maria and Brian need a night out together every now and then and I am the lucky lady who gets to spend the evening with Baer.  Our time together passes far too quickly and before I know it he is in the Land of Nod.

A few weeks ago I started experimenting with multiple images on the page to zero in on certain aspects of the scene I am sketching.  Though I have often been in the Spillane’s living room, I hadn’t noticed the collection of spatulas on the ledge of the wainscoting.  Apparently Maria’s father gave her the collection.  Hmmmm.  I need to ask about that again.

The paintings on the wall on the left are part of a triptych I painted shortly after Maria and Brian were married.  The colors in the painting were inspired by their wedding colors.  Baer’s art can be seen through the doorway hanging above the window in the kitchen.

Brian, being the fine carpenter that he is, noticed that I captured (without realizing it) the molding he had omitted from the doorway.

I can say so much more in ink and watercolor than I can with words.

Sketch: I first draw the scene with my Phaleus Waterman Fountain Pen and then paint the watercolor washes over the ink drawing.