Tomorrow is Mike’s birthday.  Rather than a bought gift, he asked me to play with “Moon Express”  (his current project) the way I played with the word “Artist” many years ago.

Logo for "Artist" business card

I finished the first attempt late last night.  As usual the project didn’t end up the way I had envisioned it.  I wanted the “X” to be much bigger and dramatic with robotic claws at the ends, not telescopic lenses.  The direction kept leading me astray from my vision.  All of the letters except the “X” ended up as moons.

Moon Express

I will definitely try this again, in splashy watercolor.  I like some of the elements of the new direction but I want to bring back some of the original idea, especially the exaggeration of the “X” and the introduction of robotic claws.  The orange of the telescope is too close in value to the red of the other letters.  I used colored pencil.  I should have tried another variation of blue for contrast.

Sketched first with graphite pencil and colored in with colored pencils.