The early bird might catch the worm but the night hawk soars, embracing whatever wind currents come its way.

Shellie Mitchell on soprano saxophone

Ink line drawing followed by brushed stroke of watercolor.

I stayed late last night at the Blues Jam.  It started out a relatively quiet, rainy night.  Eventually the room filled with musicians and the energy grew strong.  Shellie Mitchell is new to the Blues Jam, playing both flute and soprano saxophone.  He, too, is an artist, but music comes first.

When I saw Dutchman in the room, I made the decision to stay late enough to paint him singing and playing harmonica.  His energy saturates me turning me into one gigantic smile.  You can view one of the paintings of Dutchman on  Creative Color.

On my way to the jam I dropped off the paintings for the Music as Muse show at Connexions.  The pouring rain took a break, just long enough for me to get them safely from car to gallery.

The grass is getting greener each day and life is good.