The last two morning sketches surprise me with their childlike simplicity.  I’m not sure where it is coming from…. perhaps from the energy of the totem, who, by the way, demanded far more presence than the broken trumpet part.

Lizard Totem and piece of Trumpet

Inspired by another lover of fountain pens, Hillevi (visit her blog), I cleaned out my Parker 51 fountain pen, filled it with ink (Waterman this time around) and used it for my morning sketch.  Instead of the detail I planned for this morning didn’t even get a chance.  The lizard took over, pushed the trumpet part almost out of the drawing completely, and decided that my usual line border needed a bit of texture that might turn into scales tomorrow.

Drawing: Started with ink contours drawn with Parker 51 fountain pen and Waterman Ink, followed by washes using a watercolor palette of raw sienna, manganese blue and alizarin crimson.