As hard as I try to stick with one series of paintings I find that inspiration causes overlaps.

Overlapping Inspiration

The original intention for this morning’s “Morning Sketch” was to use my fine nib, Pelikan foutain pen to draw a squiggle drawing of one of the trumpet parts.  Clearly, that did not happen.  The daffodils were too beautiful, tossing their yellow heads in the morning sun outside the window. The bronze lizard refused to be left out and tried desperately to crowd out the trumpet part again.  The trumpet part fought back, sneaking up behind the vase of daffodils and began nudging the lizard out of the drawing.  Fun was had be all, especially me.

Drawn first with Parker 51 fountain pen and followed with watercolor washes.

Only three more pages left in this sketchbook!  I’m moving right along completing older sketchbooks before buying any new ones.