After searching, without luck, for an apartment in Boulder, CO that would allow dogs and wasn’t in a basement, Michael Vergalla and I headed back East to New Jersey. The year was 1977

Pulaski Street, South Plainfield, NJ

When I first saw this sketch in one of my old sketchbooks, I thought it was the little house Michael and I rented at the end of Pulaski Street.  Now that I look at it again, I realize it is the house next door to the one we rented.  Our landlord owned both houses.  My neighbor and I were given permission to dig up some of the yard between the two houses for vegetable gardens.  My neighbor fenced his garden to keep the rabbits out.  I planted marigolds all around mine, for the same reason.  The marigolds worked and the fence didn’t.

This drawing is in the sketchbook that is in line to be the next completed sketchbook.  Thirty-seven pages to go.  The first entry is October 10, 1974.  I lived in the 2000 square foot attic, the seventh floor,of a warehouse in the North End of Boston, around the corner from Haymarket Square ( just prior to the beginning of the renovations).  Seven flights of stairs was a lot of steps to carry my bike and paints up and down every day.

The last entry is a page of ink sketches I did on Opening Day of the Green Brook Little League, April 17, 1994.

Pencil sketch using full range of value scale.