Having a sketchbook and fountain pen within reach is often the difference between drawing and not drawing.

Desk Clutter, watercolor sketch

My computer has become extremely slow lately.  While waiting for my email to load I sketched the clutter of objects on my desk: the Mi Cubano cigar box that I stained green and use to hold the bills I have to pay, my swingline stapler, the Vaseline glass vase that holds my Parker 51 fountain pen, a pad of post-its, a mechanical pencil, a watercolor landscape tacked to the wall behind the desk.  Later, when I wanted to go to bed, I already had the sketch drawn and it was easy enough to stop by the drafting table and add a few washes of watercolor to the sketch.  I will sleep better tonight having ended my day with another sketchbook entry.

I find that because I have so many sketchbooks to complete, I feel less intimidated by the blank pages and I am more willing to risk creating a bad or ugly drawing.  I have hundreds of pages to fill.  I don’t have time to do anything but make the best of each page and move on to the next one.

Drawn first with Pelikan Fountain Pen filled with Walnut ink followed by watercolor washes.