Yesterday felt like an upside down day …. and night.

Study of Hands Playing Guitar

Three days ago I decided to alter my approach at the Tuesday Night Blues Jam.  My focus would be on hands rather than capturing the personality, posture and energy of the musicians.  Perhaps my thoughts were too focused on Rick’s challenge to do bad paintings.  My response to his challenge was that I do enough bad paintings without trying.  New approaches lead to numerous additions to my pile of such paintings as well as improving skills and clarifying weaknesses that need further study.

Musician playing guitar

After several “hand” studies I felt I wasn’t in the flow of the music at all.  The night began with only a handful of people. Perhaps the Doobie Brothers playing several blocks away at the State Theater impacted the attendance.  Another factor was that I sat with a group of friends at a table away from the windowsill where I usually lay out my paintings.  I was out of my bubble.

Arne Englund if he becomes anorexic

In spite of the room filling with people as the night progressed, I called it quits after painting odd variations of the musicians.  I took off pounds, I took off years and I turned the effects of stage lighting into serious sunburns.  There is always next week …….

Ink and watercolor sketches.