Listening to Mike Bisio and Gary Hassay on Saturday night at Connexions Gallery was a real treat.

Mike Bisio playing stand up bass while Gary Hassay "sang" sounds

I am at a total loss for words to describe what it was that Gary did with his voice.  I have been so out of touch with the world of jazz that I don’t know the vocabulary any more.  I might guess that I was treated to a night of “progressive jazz”. (I have heard back from Gary that the singing is called overtone singing or tibetan throat singing. )

Mike Bisio playing Stand Up Bass

I used only my small moleskin sketchbook and my fountain pen.  The music demanded attention and quiet from the audience.  My usual method of painting to live music would have been far to intrusive.

Gary Hassay playing saxophone

Perhaps I will bring my tiny watercolor tin and a tiny spray bottle next time.  I would love to add a wash or two to the line work.  I definitely won’t be able to use my dip pen, so I will have to stay with the fountain pen.

Mike Bisio being one with his stand up bass

Mike played his bass, all parts of his bass, in ways I haven’t seen before.  I was delighted and felt myself smiling from the inside out.  Thank you, Mike!  I loved it.