Alexis’s addiction to photo booths came to mind when, among the endless piles of papers we sifted through, I found these photos of Gramps as a youth.  I wonder how old he was.  Pretty wild hair and tie!

Gramps, his silly and his serious sides

A little while later I found a note Alexis typed when she was seven years old.

“February 1992

by Alexis

My hero is my Grandpa.  He was in World War II.  He likes to fly planes.  We go to New Yourk city on a train.  We like to go for walks to the Bagel Smith when we sleep over.  He also tells storys at bedtime when we sleep over.”

….. and a little later, in another pile, a letter written by Gramps on December 21, 1991:

” Oh, Yes.  the Moon Was Very Beautiful.

It could have been the two junk-cars along the walking path in the woods, one of them turned upside down.  Or perhaps it was the enormous bang that came from the other side of the valley that dark night.  Something had frightened the children.

We didn’t go for a walk to become scared.  It was the night of the full moon, and it was family custom to take a walk every full-moon night.  The children were going to show Gramps (that’s me) a moon ripple, but we never made it to the reservoir, where they were going to throw a stick in the water and show how the reflection of the full moon made a ripple.  Hands and feet were getting cold, and we had seen the junky cars.  Being cold and nervous, the consensus was that we would turn around and return to the car.

Their mom had given the children a surprise package to be opened before starting the walk.  It contained three flashlights, one for each of them.  But even with the three flashlights, we lost the path and were groping in the woods, when it happened: the air was suddenly filled with a loud bang.  It was louder than a big bass drum, or a giant shotgun.  The shuddering blast echoed up and down the valley.

Gramps said not to worry.  Then he said: “Here’s the path”, but it wasn’t.  We were wading through the dry autumn leaves and the brush.  The children were getting more scared by the minute.  Then Alexis cried a little when a branch hit her in the eye.

When things seem to be getting out of control, the path was found.  Then we saw cars and knew that the road and our parked car were near.

Snug in the car we had started home when we met a police car on the road.  The policeman may have been trying to find out where the bang had come from. Perhaps someone had seen our flashlight beams and thought that WE had made the bang.

We returned home safe and sound, and had started a nice fired in the fireplace.  We were enjoying chocolate milk and other warm drinks that Gram had made, when we saw a car drive by, flashing a spot light here and there.  Were they looking for soemone?  Were they looking for us?

Thing like that didn’t bother us any more, for we were by then quite relaxed by the fire, and enjoying the comforts of our warm, cozy house.

Oh, yes. The moon was very beautiful.


I had forgotten this adventure with my dad.  I’m not sure who he was writing to.  I also don’t know what other warm drinks my mom might have fixed for us that night.  It certainly was not the first or the last time we got lost on an adventure with my dad.