Regardless of what happened yesterday, today offers the opportunity to be more optimistic, to smile a bit more and to transform my life into one that comes closer to my dreams.

Poppies outside the window

I was tempted to paint the fallen petals on the table again this morning.  Only one petal was left clinging to the three stems in the vase.  It had stretched itself across the stems like an animal skin strung for drying. Instead I turned my attention to the poppy garden outside the window, the alien-like pods bent in the gray light of a cloudy morning.

Tomorrow I give an artist’s talk at Connexions Gallery in Easton where my current exhibit of Blues Jam paintings hangs.  I am grateful to Chas Cochran, “Harpman”, who has agreed to play harmonica after the talk so that I can demonstrate my technique of painting musicians in action.  I look forward to this gathering and hope that my passion for life and for capturing the moments of music and motion will outshine my current gloominess.

I am feeling like one of the poppy pods outside the window.  I am ready to burst out into an outrageous, yet fragile, bright orange blossom tossing about in the wind, my many layers of petals catching the light of the sun and looking like a neon light against the dark green of my foliage.

I want to travel and paint, exploring this land and other lands, getting to know the people of those lands.  I want to fill my sketchbooks with the drawings that capture the essence, the traditions, music and dance of local folk, wherever I find myself.  That is my dream.

Drawn first with Parker 51 fountain pen followed by watercolor washes.