I think I might like these Ciao Copic Markers. I didn’t end up nearly as grumpy as I thought.

Joe Mac at the Blues Jam

Use the tapered, brush-like end of the marker.  It allows for expressive line.  Taking the caps on and off is a bit of a nuisance, interrupting the “flow”, but I can deal with that.  I’m sure that different papers will alter the experience.  I traveled light last night, bringing only my sketchbook and a handful of markers.  I knew that if I brought my ink and paints I would be tempted to switch to materials I am more familiar with.

Joe Mac is a great subject to draw.  I think the shadow cast by his hat works well.  When I become more familiar with the color value of the markers, I will be able to work more intuitively.

Sketched quickly in pencil prior to applying markers.