Tom was repairing a bagger (packaging machine) for Chick (the taller man, on the right) when he felt pain in his chest.  I received a phone call at 10 am from Chick.  He told me that Tom wasn’t feeling very well.  He didn’t tell me he had a major heart attack and was in the operating room in Long Island, almost three hours away.  Tom could not have been in a better place, with more caring people that morning in 2006.

Line drawing and value sketch

I’ve done a preliminary value sketch for a watercolor painting I will present to Chick.  I began with a line drawing using my Waterman, Purple Glitter, fine nib fountain pen.  I then used my new Ciao Copic Markers for the value sketch.  The color value chart I made a couple of days ago helps to choose the right marker.

Though I don’t like to work from photographs, it’s a bit more bearable when I care about the person in the photo.  Though I don’t know the man on the left, I do know that it is a dear friend of Chick.  My feelings for Chick extend to the man he wraps his arm around.  The two of them went on an adventure together in Aruba where this photo was taken.