While Luke was putting new brake pads on the K-car, Dad and I were exploring Feltville, the Deserted Village.

Housing for the mill workers

After testing all of my inks for “bleeding” (see the charts on my Creative Color Blog) I opted to fill a fountain pen with Noodler’s Midnight Bleu (fast dry) ink.  I brought along a few Ciao Copic Markers for indicating value changes.  The markers seem to be running dry already.  Just when I get to feeling comfortable with them they dry up!

Picnic lunch at Feltville

In addition to cherries and watermelon I made egg salad sandwiches.  They didn’t stay on the table long enough for me to draw them.

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Drawings: Noodler’s Midnight Bleu ink in Flex Fountain Pen followed by Ciao Copic Markers for values.