There is no better time than now, during my second Saturn return, to switch from a PC to a Mac.  The issue of viruses and spyware has worn me down.

Comparison of screen display issues

I spent Friday evening at Best Buy with Curtis, a patient and knowledgeable young computer geek.  My intention was to by another Compaq since I have been extremely happy with them over the past fifteen years.  My current laptop is slowly dying and it is time to replace it.  The store only offered one, low end Compaq.  I thought I might open my mind to change and listen to what other manufacturers had to offer.  Two hours later I left carrying a Samsung laptop that would serve my purposes well, or so I thought.

Switching to a Mac had crossed my mind, but I didn’t want to invest in replacing all my software.  Turns out I have to replace my software anyway.  After an entire day loading old software onto the Window 7 operating system, only about half was successfully installed.  The system refused to recognize the existence of the external hard drive where I store all of my graphic files, though it easily recognized the zip drive and flash drives that I use to transfer files from an ancient scanner system.  For some unknown reason, after deciding I would return the Samsung and get a Mac, the  Samsung recognized the hard drive when I turned it on this morning.  Sorry, Samsung, the decision is already made and I’m not looking back.

From the beginning, I was unhappy with the display.  I adjusted, readjusted and adjusted it again and again and I still hated it.  When I finally got to the point of opening files of paintings in Photoshop I wanted to bury myself in the backyard.  Had my paintings looked so dreadful fifteen years ago I might have even stopped painting (probably not).  I certainly would not have continued working with computers to market my work.

What I am wondering is how other computers read the images I post.  I have asked this question before, after looking at my blog on one of the computer at the prop shop.  The images looked horrible, totally washed out.  I’ve posted two versions of the same painting in this post.  The top version was prepared on the Samsung, the bottom on my Compaq.  Both look exactly the same when computers are sitting side by side.  I would like to know if anyone sees a difference, what that difference is and which version looks better.  I realize that the difference might be only a subtle change in the value scale range.  For me, the value scale range makes the difference between capturing my attention and boring me.

Tomorrow night I will bid adieu to the Samsung, pour myself a glass of red wine and begin the (hopefully not too painful) process of switching from PC to Mac.

Sketch: drawn first with fountain pen filled with Noodler’s Midnight Bleu ink followed by washes of watercolor