Mike Van Tine stood in for Rob Fraser last night at the Todd Wolfe Blues Jam. Not much of a likeness, I know.  Perhaps I glimpsed a bit of his inner soul.. maybe not.  Regardless, I love the lines.

Mike Van Tine at Blues Jam

The ink and watercolor portrait of Leon is another favorite.  I wish I had peacock blue on my palette to do justice to his awesome shirt.

Leon singing the Blues

I had one of my worst days ever at the prop shop and almost canceled going to the Blues Jam.  What was I thinking? It’s painting to the music that keeps me going all week long.  Thank you, musicians!  A few new faces last night.  I’m glad I didn’t miss them.  19 year old Mike Lefton was a real treat, what a fantastic musician and performer.

This is my first post using my Mac!

Drawing of Mike Van Tine: Ink using dip pen on watercolor paper

Drawing of Leon: Ink using dip pen followed by watercolor