Moving forward on drawing projects.

Bent and Dented Trumpet Parts

Last week, in spite of the constant interruptions in my already irregular schedule, I completed three more of my old sketchbooks.  I grabbed another one from the pile of partially used books and realized that I also have a long way to go on my project of 100 sketches of Trumpet Parts.  To move forward on both projects simultaneously, I grabbed a few trumpet parts out of the box and turned to a fresh page in the eight by ten inch spiral bound book of drawing paper that is really too thin for watercolor washes.  So be it.

Drawn first with Preppy Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Whaleman’s Sepia Ink, followed by watercolor washes using a limited palette of peacock blue, alizarin crimson and aurolean yellow with a touch of cadmium yellow mixed with a spot of alizarin crimson.  Basically, an analogous color scheme.