So many inspirations and so little time to express them. I’m hoping to paint the bakelite belt buckles later today or tomorrow. I acquired them the same day I acquired the bronze totems of the alligator and lizard. They sit atop my dresser and beckon, yet I ignore them. The quotidian tasks steal me away from my passions.

Hollyhocks after the rain, ink and watercolor

Yesterday my monthly package of ink samples from Goulet Pen Ink Drops arrived.  In it were three highlighter inks, a “ghost ink”, an amazing mini blacklight to view the invisible ghost ink, and a Preppy Highlighter Pen to fill with one of the inks.  The ink tests will be posted on my Creative Color Blog tomorrow.  I let the ink tests dry overnight before applying washes.

When the rain stopped and I set up my chair beside the hollyhocks at the back door, I couldn’t resist mixing in the Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink ink with the permanent magenta in the blossoms.  I did resist the urge to use the Noodler’s Dragon Cat Green ink.  I prefer mixing my greens with yellows and blues.

Painting of Hollyhocks: drawn first with Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Marine Green Ink, followed by washes of watercolor and Noodler’s Dragon Catfish Pink ink.