Last evening, after spending half an hour carefully drawing the pink hollyhocks outside my door, I spilled my water container onto my lap, drenching my sketchbook.  I have only four pages left to complete the sketchbook.

Pink Hollyhocks Number 3

The Hollyhocks are gorgeous this year.  I can’t resist painting them over and over again.  This last sketch is from the same vantage point as the last.  When the water spilled, it caused the green ink from my fountain pen to bleed and altered the ability of the paper to accept further washes of watercolor.  With a sunken heart, I leafed through the soaked sketchbook to see what other damage had occurred.

Fortunately, only the edges of several drawings had been saturated by the unfortunate spill.  A quick trip to the hair dryer allowed me time to recover from the near disaster.  I decided to go ahead and throw washes onto the latest Hollyhock drawing.

Rather than use the highlighter, Dragon Catfish Pink Ink, I squeezed out a bit of Permanent Rose watercolor pigment.

Watercolor Sketch: drawn first with Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Marine Green Ink.  Followed by water spill in lap.  Followed by washes of watercolor, Permanent Rose, Permanent Magenta, aurolean yellow, peacock blue, french ultramarine blue, and a touch of cadmium red.