During the last eight months I never focused on the reflections of the musicians in the stage floor.  They screamed at me last night, begging for attention.

Maria Woodfore, Todd Wolfe and Rob Fraser

The night inspired eighteen paintings.  I find it difficult to pick a favorite this time around.  If I have to limit it to two, I will choose the portrait of young, Mike Lefton and the painting of Bill Lance playing saxophone.  I love the simplicity of both.

Portrait of Mike Lefton at the Blues Jam

Bill Lance playing saxophone at the Tuesday Night Blues Jam

I’m thinking that I should try the same approach with a landscape to see what happens.  I think, without the music, the lines and the color will not spill onto the paper.  I’m visiting a dear friend in Ashville next week.  I might be bold and give it a try. A new environment always makes change a little easier.

Paintings: drawn first in black ink with dip pen, followed by watercolor washes.