While Pete and Dylan were editing the film for the Asheville 48 Hour Film Festival there was a lot of down time for the rest of us.  I spent my time with the statue of the angel that lived at the end of the driveway.

The Cement Angel

All of the studies I have done of my German Dragon Gargoyle did little to prepare me for the challenge of the cement angel.  The intricate details of feathered wings refused to give way to simplification.  The harder I resisted the temptation to get caught up in detail the more I found myself ignoring the larger form.

I’m going to seek out local statuary and break through my block.

Cement Angel: drawn first loosely with pencil and painted in watercolor while sitting on a milk crate in Pete’s driveway, Asheville, NC.

Link to the film we made: http://vimeo.com/26571482

A genre is picked out of a hat.  We picked Thriller/Suspense.

The prop that everyone had to use was an apple.

The character everyone had to use was Tommy (or Tina) Darnes, Mechanic

The line of dialogue everyone had to use was “Don’t be so sure.”

The film has to be a minimum of 4 minutes, maximum 7 minutes.