Turkey buzzards lurk on the branches of the maple tree, darting out every now and then, braving the heat of the sweltering day to grab a morsel from the body that lies bloated on my front yard.  I am alone and not strong enough to haul the deer carcass away.

Turkey Buzzard Feather Number 1

Windows are shut against the stench, amplified by the hundred degree heat and high humidity of the last few days.  Why aren’t the turkey buzzards hungrier?  I’ve seen a deer carcass stripped to the bone in less than forty eight hours, but not this time.  Even the flies seem to be in hiding.  This heat is unbearable.

Turkey Buzzard Feathr Number 2

A few feet from the tree I found this beautiful feather.  Is it a token of thanks for a feast of flesh? Or was it a tithe taken by the branches of the maple tree when the giant wings spread for flight?

Drawing Number 1: Drawn with Preppy .5M fountain pen filled with standard black ink cartridge.

Drawing Number 2: Sketched lightly in pencil first.  Inked using Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Black Swan in English Rose Ink.