Cool breezes caress bare skin as I sit propped by pillows, sipping hot coffee. I’m learning patience.

Morning views as the sun comes up

At the Blues Jam drawing with pen and ink is an energetic, loose, spontaneous experience.  Drawing in bed walks the fine line between being tedious and meditative.  The Noodler’s Flex pen is responsive and makes these studies somewhat enjoyable.  When I hold the pen gently I achieve a delicate, fine line.  When I press harder, a strong, darker, line appears. My goal is to loosen my death grip on the pen and feel a rhythmic flow of line even when I am doing these rigid studies.  The spirit of John Ruskin sits on my shoulder to encourage me.

I prefer the results of changing direction of line rather than cross-hatching.  To achieve darker values I add more lines going in the same direction.  there is a bit of cross-hatching in the dragon and I don’t think it is effective.

Drawn with Noodler’s Flex Fountain Pen filled with Noodler’s Midnight Blue Ink.

Only one more page left in this sketchbook!