After taking the time to make color charts based on five tubes of acrylic paint, I decided to keep trying rather than give my acrylics away.

En plein air with acrylic paints

I’ve posted the color charts on my other blog, Creative Color.

My limited palette is Perylene Red, Indian Yellow Hue, Prussian Blue Hue, Permanent Sap Green and Raw Umber.

Complete frustration and failure was avoided by using a sheet of plexiglass for a palette.  I folded damped paper towels that I lay along two edges of the plexiglass.  I squeezed the paint out onto the dampened paper towels and continued to mist the paint with water throughout the painting session.  For me, the key was to wipe the plexi palette clean every few minutes.  I limited my mixtures to using only two colors (plus white).

Though I still struggled with the quick drying time, I found myself enjoying the experience.  I kept my colors clean, though not terribly exciting yet.  I used only two brushes that I lay flat in a tray filled with water when I wasn’t using them.  This worked well to keep the paint from hardening in the bristles.