What a night.  I’ve been wanting to paint in a pub in New York City for quite a while now.  Thank you Arne Englund for introducing me (as well as driving me) to Big Ed Sullivans Blues Jam at The Grisly Pear in Greenwich Village.

Big Ed Sullivan, Arthur Nielson and Matt Mousseau

I thought I might switch off once a month painting in the city one week and Easton the other three.  After last night, I think I might go two and two.

Aaron playing keyboard

This might be my favorite drawing of the night.

Jim Barden playing Harp

This runs a close second.  I was delighted when Jim liked this one the best.

Jess wailing the Blues

I don’t have windowsills at The Grisly Pear for my paintings to dry on.  I might have to stick with Copic Markers, though there is great support for using blue painter’s tape to tape them to the wall to dry.  I started off painting in my usual technique of dip pen in ink followed by watercolor.  I filled my little table and the one next to me in no time at all.  I had to switch to the markers much too soon.  There is always the top of the piano ……

Great music, great people, incredible energy.  I can’t wait to go back.