Getting back to a bit of discipline and commitments to various series of drawings ….

Trumpet Parts, Ink Drawing #8 of 100

After many long days of emptying the contents of my childhood home into two dumpsters (one 30 yard and one tightly packed 15 yard) I want to empty my own house of interesting trash I’ve collected over the years.  Among the first boxes I grabbed to throw into my own small dumpster that lives at the end of my driveway was the box of bent, useless trumpet parts.

However…. I had committed to a series of 100 drawings or paintings inspired by the various broken bits of trumpets. I am still curious enough to see the series completed that I resisted throwing the box in the dumpster.  I completed Number Eight of the series this evening.  I have a long way to go.  The urge to make more open space in my studio will light a fire under me to complete this series in record breaking time.

Drawing: Drawn first with Flex fountain pen followed by Flex Marker Pen filled with Black Swan in English Rose Ink. Drawn in my old red sketchbook of wood pulp paper.  Fortunately, I’m almost finished with this sketchbook.