Julia sent me a copy of her new business card as well as a link to her new website, yogawiththebrit.com and facebook.com/yogawiththebrit.

Yoga With The Brit, Julia Charity

Several weeks ago Julia contacted me to ask permission to use one of my yoga art paintings for her business cards.  I explained that I often give permission to use images on flyers without a fee, but for use as a business logo, I charge a minimal licensing fee.  She was quite sweet to write back to let me know that the images I post online are of high enough quality than anyone can take them and use them for logos without asking permission or making payment.  She also said that she was perfectly happy to pay the fee and was delighted that I sent her a higher resolution file for any other advertising needs she might have.

I appreciate when individuals write and ask permission for the use of my images.  Earlier that same week, a new yoga instructor from Ireland also asked permission for use on a flyer.  In addition, she purchased several little yoga art paintings for her new studio.  Respect for one another and for the rights of artists goes a long way.

At one point I followed up on all the clicks to my website.  I discovered that my images were being used for backgrounds on websites, advertising, etc.  Most often, I was given credit for the image.  On occasion, the borrower claimed the art to be his own.  This detective work left me drained of energy and depressed.  I prefer to spend my time granting permission to those who take the time to ask for it.

Thanks, Julia.  I wish you and your students well!