The blue and purple pigments I used for Color Wheel Number Two (Lesson Two on my Creative Color Blog) are extremely dark. That is exactly why I chose them for that specific color wheel.  It is difficult to see the character of the hue when its intrinisc value is so low (dark).

Pigments mixed with white

To expose the nature of the pigment I have mixed each of the eighteen hues used in the color wheel with white.  I find it is easier to determine the temperature of a pigment (its tendency toward warm or cool) by mixing it with white.  This is important information when mixing colors.  Why? Since it is October now, I will use orange as an example.

To make a lovely, bright orange pumpkin color using yellow and red ….

Yellow choices:  Lemon Yellow (cool) Cadmium Yellow (warm)

Red choices: Alizarin Crimson (cool) Cadmium Red (warm)

Try it……. see what you discover!

To view the eighteen hue color wheel visit Lesson Two Color as Value