Landscape on a beautiful October day using full saturation pigments.

Full color and Grayscale

This little sketch evolved as the light changed and I became more fascinated playing with little shapes.  It began as leaves on branches, a second attempt following the painting shown below.  The light had changed drastically.  My goal was to use more of the warm colors in the background than I had in Variation A and Variation B.  In the end, the leaves vanished completely.

For the light value shapes I used yellows and oranges.  For mid-value shapes I used greens and reds.  For dark value shapes I used blues, some viridian and a bit of alizarin crimson.

Autumn Leaves Varition A

Autumn Leaves Variation B

After looking at the grayscale version o Variation A I darkened the entire background.

Color Wheel No. 2 is the eighteen hue color wheel presented in Lesson Two on the Creative Color blog.

Oil Sketches – both paintings above are plein air paintings, oil on 5″ x 5″ gessoed, birch, wood panels.