While cleaning my father’s attic we found four, six inch tall plastic figures,  three cowboys and one Indian.

Plastic figures found in the attic

As a child growing up in the 50’s, many hours were spent playing Cowboys and Indians.  Our games usually ended up in arguments over whether or not the bullet missed.  We dreamed of having fake bullets filled with ketchup so there would be no doubt.   Now there is Paintball!

If you are too young to know the rules of the game, the following explanation I found online describes the game as I knew it.  Being a girl, I would have had to huddle in the middle except that I owned a Robin Hood Bow with arrows and was permitted to be an Indian every time we played.  I was not, however, allowed to shoot my arrows directly at the cowboys.

The best answer chosen by Asker is the following:

“As an Indian, you run around making Woo Woo noises, and firing a pretend bow and arrow – or a close quarters you can use a tomahawk, but you will always be shot before you can scalp anyone. You MUST drop the tomahawk before clutching your chest and falling.

As a cowboy, you hide behind something, pretending it is a wagon, and shoot the Indians. Use your hand, with the thumb up as the cocking mechanism, and the index and middle finger extended. the other two are tucked back. You MUST go KERPOW every time you fire a shot. You will always stand up, spin, then fall dead when you are hit.”

Any girls present have to huddle in the middle.  Answer from Yahoo Answers

sketch: drawn first with roller tip fountain pen followed by washes of watercolor.