My corner of The Grisly Pear was darker than dark last night.  Two candles were loaned to me from adjacent tables.  I couldn’t even see the difference between the yellow and the purple on my palette.  It was divine!

Joshua Bauman playing at The Grisly Pear

I used a different pen nib in my dip pen and switched between three sample inks from Goulet Pen’s ink drop, Private Reserve Dakota Red, Caran D’Ache Grand Canyon and Noodler’s Blue Nose Bear.  The two stainless steel locking collars Tom gave me to try as ink tube holders worked perfectly.

Sample ink tube in locking collars

Taping the paintings to the wall, in addition to allowing me more room to paint, makes it easier for the musicians to enjoy viewing the art….. even in the dark.

Don Evans at The Grisly Pear

Paintings sketched first in ink with dip pen, followed by washes of watercolor.