I began the red sketchbook on the day I climbed The Prow at Cathedral Ledge with a Frenchman named Michael.  It was the day before my first leader fall on Pooh, (only a 5.6) falling ten feet into a tree. The date was May 30, 1977.

Gone With The Wind Lamp

It ends, not with a drawing of Tom’s Gone With The Wind lamp and Merlin @Home defibrillator monitor, though that is the final drawing.  It ends with a record of money spent while driving West across the country with my brother and climbing partner, Howard.

June 20, 1977 ….. Carrots and Gum  … $.94

June 22, 1977 …. dinner $1.05 (can’t imagine what we ate that night)

June 23, 1977 …. Mountain Goat Sports, Rapid City …. $20.40 (climbing gear)

The other entries were equally as absurd.  Sketchbooks are marvelous time capsules.

Drawing: Line drawing using Roller Tip Fountain Pen filled with Heart of Darkness Ink