My middle name is Insomnia.  Sleep, for me, is a total waste of time unless I have either flying dreams or dreams of ever-expanding buildings.  My body has a totally different attitude about sleep…. it needs it.

Failed plan for palette layout

Instead of sleeping last night, my mind obsessed over the plan for today’s palette layout of my new Peerless Watercolor Papers.  Finally, at 4 am I fell asleep and woke up too late to execute my plan.  I quickly clipped segments of watercolor paper and taped them into the cd case, completely void of organization.

It is Thursday, the day I take my father on an adventure of one sort or another.  He is suffering from Alzheimer’s.  I am learning a totally new way to communicate and to be completely in the moment, for that is all there is for my father.  Today we drove into the mist, crossed the Goethals Bridge and the Verrazano Bridge and headed north into Brooklyn to deliver a bird cage stand to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. Navigation is not one of my dad’s strengths anymore.  In spite of that, we arrived safely and entered the world of plants.

Typhonodorum Lindleyanum

Surrounded by the cascading roots of orchids, I gave Dad his first lesson in contour drawing.

Dad's first contour drawing

Not a bad beginning.

Ink and Peerless Watercolor Papers

The portability of the Peerless Watercolor Papers outweighs their limitations.  I love the vibrant colors.

Perhaps I will sleep tonight, dreaming of spending a month in Brooklyn sketching at the Botanical Gardens for hours every day, taking occasional breaks to walk around the corner to the Brooklyn Museum.  Sweet, very sweet dreams.

My Dad’s drawing is done with a fine tip Sharpie Marker.  My drawings are drawn first with fountain pen followed by washes of Peerless Watercolor Paper Pigments using a Kuretake Water Brush